The post season for baseball is upon us. 162 games, and for 2 teams 163 games, over 6 months determine who goes on and who goes home. Tis’ a good time in the Los Angeles area for the Dodgers are not like us, at home watching. Now comes the time where the “right moves” must be made. Strategic planning could be the difference between success and disappointment. Selecting the right group for the job is crucial at this time. Now comes the time where plans are set out and need to be executed for success. It all seems to come down to the “right move”. Hopefully the beloved Dodgers can make something happen. We here at KSG are fans of both the Dodgers as well as the “right move”. In need of experienced movers? Knowledgeable professionals? Please come on over to the site and give us a ring … or e-mail. You’ll find out that KSG is the “right move” group you need.


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